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Modern Group Of Companies

There are so many leading textile and engineering industries in India. One of them is Modern Group of Companies , an emerging name in textile and engineering industrial sector. The founder of this group is Mr. HS Ranka which is now led and managed by Mr. Sachin Ranka.

Our industry emphasis innovation, creativity, value engineering, continuous updation, state of art technology, team building and providing best working atmosphere to employees.

Our aims

  • We at Modern Group completely believe in customer satisfaction and pay complete attention on demand of our customers.
  • We believe that real value is not produced, but this is a vision that can help in convincing customer and make them take right decision.
  • Our main aim is to convert dreams of customers into reality and reliable ideas. We in fact have some of the best professionals who help us in delivering quality services timely.

At Modern Group Ranka ,our customers can expect to get variety of services and most importantly at such price which is affordable -

  • Modern wool - This is our most important unit and venture staffed with more 1500 members. We use best spinning yarn and have become leading wool exporter.
  • Modern insulator - We also deal in high quality and affordable insulators that are used in stations, transmission lines, distribution lines and more.
  • Modern suiting - We have one of the biggest manufacturing units that help us in dealing with continuous demand for modern suiting and shirting.
  • Modern Terry towel - We at Modern group also hold specialization in making wide range of bathroom and beach towels in brightest colors as per choice of our clients.
  • Veritas buildtech - This is our real estate business with headquarters located in Jaipur. We have specialized and high quality real estate projects to offer our customers.
  • Modern denim - With increasing demand of denims all around the world we have come up in this. We have best machines that can produce indigo blue denim in variety of colors and fabrics.