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Success stories of Modern Group of Companies-Modern Group Ranka

Modern Group of Company is one of the popular names in India and other countries.  Modern Group Ranka  is working in engineering and textile since 1973.  Modern Group was initially started as a small company, but in a few years, this company achieved newer heights.  Now  Modern Group is working in 4 divisions Modern Insulators,  Modern Woolen, Modern Terry Towels and Modern Denim.

 Modern Group has 4 divisions as featured below:

Modern Insulators

 Modern Insulators is one of the important divisions of Modern Group. Of companies.  Electrical Insulator are used prevent unwanted flow of current and electrical systems. Insulators are important and play an important role in the electrical system. It is a certified and well known company manufactures a wide range of alumina porcelain insulators for India and other countries.  

 Also Modern Group Ranka provides insulators like Hollow Insulators,  Solid Care Insulators,  Long Rod Insulators, Railway Insulators, and others.

Modern Group of Companies are not only popular in India, but also gaining huge popularity across the globe. They are known for their advanced engineering and innovative working skills.

 Modern Woolen

 Modern Woolens are the most important group works under the  Modern Group Ranka. It started as a venture for spinning carpet yarn.  In  the few years carpet yarn achieved newer heights and becomes the leading exporter of  Woolen Carpet Yarn. They are known for their quality woolens and becomes India’s leading supplier of  Woolens across the globe. They have a wide range of products including,  Yarns, Wool Taps, Wool Nail and Spinning Waste, Lanolin, Greece and others.

 Modern Terry Towels

 After  Modern Insulators and  Woolens,  Modern Group Ranka started their venture  Modern Terry Towels.  As we all know, towels are very popular, whether it’s beach towels or bathroom towels. High-Quality towels are in huge demand worldwide.  Modern Terry Towels are providing quality fabric towels in a variety of styles, sizes and fabric options.

  Modern Group Ranka not only manufacture towels but also exports them to other countries.  They are becoming very popular because of their wide range of towels in different styles, sizes and designs.

 Modern Denim

 Demin is a popular name among youngsters.  Denim is a trendy wear and popular for casual wear.  Modern Group Denim has advanced machinery and latest technologies for denim.  They are gaining huge popularity because of their high-quality denim and manufacturing for various national and international quality standards.

 Modern Veritas Buildtech

 Veritas  Buildtech is a popular company in a real estate market and involved in such high quality and top class real estate projects.  Modern Group Group of Companies venture Veritas Buildtech has a team of  experienced professionals  that are well versed in Educational, Commercial, Residential and  Industrial real estate projects,

 Modern Group of companies is gaining popularity because of their dedication towards their projects. Whether it’s Insulators, Woolens, Denim or Real Estate,  they are playing a significant role in all fields.

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